Miriam served as the Faith & Campaigns Fellow at GLAAD, actually arriving before I did as the Director. From the beginning, she was incredibly helpful to orient me into the program. 

Miriam’s skills bridge both being a researcher, but also making that information understandable by others. She can see the big picture, but also understand enough detail to really work with the information and decide on a course of action. When I give her a writing assignment, like a blog post, she makes sure that people fully understand the situation. She knows that some people hold their faith very close to their heart, some don’t understand faith, and some don’t care. She is able to write and advocate to all of those types of people with great ease. 

She loves numbers, and making those numbers make sense to people. Her blog posts are thorough and helps the average person understand what is happening within faith communities. She can give the big picture, but also focus on details. 

I highly recommend Miriam for advocacy work. You will not be disappointed.

-Ross Murray, Director of News (formerly Religion, Faith, & Values), GLAAD

I knew Miriam during her years of study at Harvard Divinity School. In addition carrying significant academic responsibilities, she generously volunteered much of her time to the development of our campus’s community life. In particular, Miriam worked closely with me and several students on the oversight of our School’s vibrant weekly multireligious service. She was a dedicated, imaginative and extremely responsible contributor to this important aspect of the HDS academic and spiritual culture.

    -Kerry Maloney, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Harvard Divinity School

Miriam is brilliant at examining the intersections between different arenas, for example, public/social policy, religion and culture, and law. Hard working, well prepared, articulate, and dependable, Miriam has a wonderful personality that makes her a welcome addition to any team.

    -Zayn Kassam, Associate Professor, Pomona College