Skewed Perception: Religious Voices on President Obama and Marriage Equality (Published June 2012).

Missing Voices: a study of religious voices in mainstream media reports about LGBT equality (Released April 12, 2012)

Renewal and Rededication: Supporting LGBT Equality During Hanukkah: Huffington Post article.

GLAAD Blog: My posts on GLAAD’s blog.

Religion & Law in a Pluralistic Society: Commentary on the Mojave Cross case argued in “Ken L. Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, et al. v. Frank Buono.”

Secularization in Spain in the Late 20th Century: A look at the conflicts between the Catholic Church and the Spanish State in post-Franco Spain, focusing on abortion, divorce, and same sex marriage.

The Sexual Revolution and the Rise of the Religious Right: How the Secularization of Sexuality Spurred Conservative Religious Mobilization.


Part 1: Historical Overview of Reproductive Rights in The United States

Part2: Changes in the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s

Part 3: What Really Spurred the Religious Right to Mobilize?

Part 4: What Are “Family Values?”

Part 5: Why Choose Abortion?

Part 6: Political Mobilization and Disparate Religious GroupsConclusion: Secularizing Religion in the Political Sphere

Originalism, Constructivism, Historicism, and American First Amendment Law: An exploration of the pros and cons of several common judicial methods of Constitutional interpretation.

Women’s Municipal Leadership in Massachusetts, fact sheet. Co-authored by Paige Ransford. Published by the Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy, March 2008.